Why quality content is important for Google


When you know how to produce quality content for your website, ranking highly in Google isn’t all that difficult – in fact, it’s almost too easy!

Yes, you heard that right. It becomes almost effortless to get high rankings in Google when you know the secrets to quality content creation!

Creating quality content (content that is actually valuable to your website visitors, content that was actually written for human beings and not search engine spiders) is the fastest way to shoot your website up the Google rankings and dominate the top few spots without wasting a boatload of money or a ridiculous chunk of time.

But you need to know what you’re doing.

Hopefully this quick guide can help you out!

It all starts with a focused content creation strategy

Your success online is going to live or die with your content creation strategies.

Most people hire low quality writers right out of the gate, someone (anyone) to just throw some words together to get something on a page. There’s no strategy behind the content that they create or the content that they publish, and no effort made to create the three building blocks of effective content:

  • Influence
  • Expert status
  • A real relationship with customers and visitors

What you want to do is sit down with your high quality writers and outline exactly what you want to achieve with your content this month. Breakdown the specific topics you want to touch upon, but also highlight the kinds of responses that you want to generate with your visitors.

From this starting point, the right quality writers can work modern miracles for you!

Once you have this kind of strategy down on a piece of paper, you’ll be able to more effectively direct your journalists or writers but you can also bring other writers into the team mid-project and expect greatness out of them because they know exactly what they are asked to do.

Google loves high quality content

While all of your content creation efforts should be focused around creating an influential presence online, and each of the pieces should be designed first and foremost to help your visitors – your human visitors – it doesn’t hurt that Google absolutely loves high quality content, either.

Remember this:

Google’s whole business (their entire existence) is all about delivering targeted results to people that use their search engine. The only thing – the ONLY thing – that Google wants to do is find the perfect content for people that are searching for something and serve it up to them immediately.

That’s how they drive their advertising revenue, and the more effective they are at providing high quality content and answers to real questions the more likely people are to use their search engine every single day.

Google has overhauled their search engine algorithm multiple times to place more emphasis on high quality writers, the content that they produce, and the authority that you can create with a specific and targeted content marketing strategy.

You’d have to be at least a little bit crazy to upload anything but the very best on your site. Not only will it be value your business, your position, and your influence in your market – but it will also cripple your search engine rankings from here on out.

Stick to high quality writers moving forward!


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