The Brash Staff


Regardless of business type, the overall staffing a company has can have a huge impact on profitability and market share. I’m certain that everyone reading this has encountered that one person who has transformed a great business transaction into one of displeasure and anger.

Word of mouth advertising is the most influential form of advertising available. Studies show that a completely satisfied customer/client will tell 2-3 other people of a positive experience. Studies also show that a displeased customer/client will tell 10 or more people of a negative business transaction.

A universal truth.

We all have certain expectations regarding business transactions. Some are completely unrealistic, while others are commonplace and desired throughout any transaction.

Everyone expects to be treated fairly, honestly, and with a courteous tone regardless of the product or service they are engaging. This is not too much to ask, yet many businesses fall short due to inadequate staffing and poor employee selection.

The tall poppy gets cut down.

Many employers forget the saying: “It’s what you do when no one is looking that defines the character of the individual.” This holds true in all walks of life, especially the business arena. Hiring people that are different and stand apart from others is generally considered a great idea. In actuality, this lends to more problems than progress.

Many employers feel a person that displays extreme individualistic characteristics will set their business apart from others. It may very well set them apart, but for many of the wrong reasons. In short, walking into a mining company and being assisted by a flight attendant will not bode well for your business plan.

What is proper staffing?

Your goal should be to staff your company with courteous, well educated, informative employees that have a true desire to help others. Is this hard to do? Not particularly. Hiring a specialised recruitment agency for your staff needs can not only save you time, but also job advertising costs.

An individual with strong character assessment ability should be in charge of your HR department. They can provide a business with a proper influx of highly trainable, intelligent individuals that possess strong morals and an adequate work ethic.

The company needs to provide these individuals with proper training, product education, and the ability to meet goals and promote within the company. Payment should be adequate and the employees should feel they are a part of something, rather than simply collecting a paycheck.

A happy, thought after staff will provide your business with the individualistic approach that can set it apart from others. We don’t need to change the mold. We just need to deliver the mold better than our competitors.

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