How using AdWords data for SEO benefits you

Google Adwords Benefits

The beauty of building your business on the internet is that you can track everything you do. Not only are you going to be able to figure out where your best customers are coming from and how they are finding your site, but you’ll also be able to figure out exactly which keywords they are attracted to, which kinds of offers they are most excited about, and when/why they decide to bail on your page without buying anything. SEO doesn’t allow you to completely track keywords thanks to the <not provided> that Google implemented onto Analytics.


Quite often people will do their own keyword research for search engine optimisation, then hire an SEO from oDesk or Freelancer. This is the worst thing you can do regarding SEO. Before I continue, I covered an article regarding affordable web hosting, well the owner found the link (I don’t know how) and sent me a quick email as a thanks. I questioned him about SEO and what he though of Adwords.

“I’m a huge fan of both SEO and Adwords, but they’re bot for different things and used in different ways, depending on the purpose. When you think about how Google works for a minute, and the reason people search it generally boils down to research and looking for a service/product. Having said that, SEO is commonly used for brand control, brand and personal recognition, ranking longtail keywords with no PPC cost and ranking quality content. The keywords that are high in competition will take some time to rank, and that comes with age, so to gain instant results you’re going to need to turn to Adwords.” – Nick Cavarretta

Google AdWords (Google’s pay per click paid search engine optimisation advertising platform) is the fastest way to build your business online today. You pay pennies for each and every visitor that actually comes to your website (and nothing for people that don’t click your advertising), and you can push thousands of targeted visitors to your business in just a couple of days.

But the real reason that you want to get your AdWords management settled before you focus on traditional organic search engine optimisation is simple – you won’t waste any time on junk keywords that won’t end up converting. Having said this, if you hire a professional data analyst like Nick then you can use Adwords to discover high converting keywords and use them in SEO campaigns.

By taking advantage of Google AdWords management tools, you’ll be able to figure out which of your potential keywords are the real “moneymakers” in just a few hours. You’ll see, right there in black and white, which keywords are worth spending time on and which ones are next to useless. Then you can immediately use this information to improve your organic search engine optimisation as well.
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The beauty of using Google AdWords properly is that you can take $100 or so, spread it out amongst five or six different keyword combinations, and then get real market data about those keywords almost instantly.

You aren’t guessing about what works anymore – the marketplace is telling you the right answers!

This lets you know which of the keywords resonate with your marketplace, which of them aren’t hitting any cords at all, and which ones could lead to potentially gigantic paydays if you focused your organic and long term search engine optimisation efforts on them.

While most people are trying to rank for just about any and every keyword they can come up with, you’ll have an almost unfair advantage over them with this information. You’ll know (almost right away) which keywords you should spend time and money ranking and which ones you should ignore – information that your competitors won’t have access to!

This can provide you with two big benefits:

  • By using AdWords management properly, you’ll push hundreds or even thousands of targeted visitors to your website and your business –converting some into customers in the process
  • And shortcut the amount of time, money, and energy you spend on organic search engine optimisation because you know what the winners and losers are as far as keywords are concerned

There’s no other combination of tools on the planet and that gives you this advantage!


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