Differences Between Gas Storage Water Heaters & Gas Continuous Flow

Hot water heaters diagram

Difference between an electric and gas hot water system.

A decision that many householders have to make in today’s age is to do with the choice of the hot water system. One such decision that regularly needs to be made is whether to replace their existing gas water heater with another storage tank or whether to convert to a new gas continuous flow unit. Most people however don’t really know the differences between a storage tank and a continuous flow unit. So the purpose of this article is to list those differences so as to make it easier for people to decide between the two options of water heaters.

  • Size of Water Heater
  • Continuous Hot Water
  • Star Rating
  • Cost of Gas / Savings in Gas Used
  • Warranties
  • Cost of Repairs
  • The Need for a Tempering Valve

Size of Water Heater

The first obvious difference is the physical size of the two units. Whereas a gas storage tank generally has a height of either 1.6 metres or 1.9 metres, a gas continuous flow unit is generally around 530mm tall. Therefore, a common reason for someone to opt for the smaller continuous flow unit is to save space outside in the garden. By removing the old cylinder from say a side pathway and replacing it with the smaller continuous flow, much space is saved and more of a walkway created. Likewise the same saving in space can apply indoors. For example, sometimes an indoor tank is removed from a laundry and replaced with a smaller unit, allowing for more cupboard space to be created. So a desire for more space can be one reason for making the move away from a gas storage tank.

Continuous Hot Water

One of the most common reasons for people to change from a gas hot water tank to a continuous flow unit is because they have found themselves running out of hot water with their current set up. For example, most gas tanks provide anywhere from 100 litres per hour to 200 litres per hour. However, that equates to approximately 20-25 minutes of showering each hour or the filling up of a large bath. So, for households who use baths regularly, the problem of running out of hot water is there for the next person to hop into a shower (in the same hour that the bath has been filled up). With people living busy lives in today’s fast paced world, having to wait up to an hour for the hot water tank to reheat is very frustrating. Therefore, for households that experience this problem of running out of hot water regularly, the option becomes converting to a gas continuous flow unit.

With a gas continuous flow unit, the most common size unit is the 26 litre per minute one. This equates to 1560 litres per hour, which is up to 15 times more hot water than a storage tank can provide. So, it’s this difference in available hot water and recovery rate that makes this style of water heater very popular for large hot water using households. The above problem of running out of hot water after filling up a bath is simply non-existent with the continuous flow water heater.

Star Rating

Whereas the highest star rating for a gas hot water tank is five star, the highest rating for the continuous flow unit is currently six star. For people who are very conscious of energy efficiency, then this greater star rating can be the reason for them to change over to a continuous flow unit.

Cost of Gas / Savings in Gas Used

The savings in gas usage between a storage tank and a continuous flow unit is hard to quantify. However, for a average hot water using household, the difference in cost can be anywhere from $20 per year to $40 per year. This is because the continuous flow unit only heats up when any hot water tap is turned on.


For gas storage tanks the warranties on the cylinder vary from 5 years to 7 years and finally to 10 years depending on the brand and model. What this warranty means is that if the cylinder ruptures and therefore leaks, the tank will be replaced free of charge (i.e. a new tank is supplied at no cost). The parts connected to the storage tank are covered by a 1 year warranty. The reason being that the parts are constantly working every day and therefore can break down with excessive use.

In contrast, the warranties for continuous flow units are generally either 10 or 12 years on the heat exchanger. This means that if the heat exchanger was to break down and leak, a new one would be supplied free of charge. The other warranty is 3 years on the printed circuit board. So again if the printed circuit board faulted within the first 3 years, it would also be replaced free of charge.

Cost of Repairs

The most common repairs required for a gas storage tank are break down of parts. Examples of parts that may need replacing during the life of the water heater are the thermocouple, gas control, piezo ignitor, and the pressure temperature relief valve. Costs of replacing any one of the thermocouple, piezo ignitor and pressure temperature relief valve generally range from $275 to $375. Replacing the gas control is a little bit more expensive generally ranging from $400 to $500.

A thermocouple will often need to be replaced at least once during the tanks lifetime. The same would apply to the pressure temperature relief valve. However, the gas control is less likely to break down during the life of the tank, however still is a chance of maybe needing replacing in the later years.

With continuous flow units, the most common repairs involve either the clogging up of the system, and the breakdown of parts, in particular, the printed circuit board. These units, being prone to clogging up, therefore should have a regular service (at least once every 3 years). This service should cost anywhere from $200 to $300. The printed circuit board is a much more expensive item to replace, costing anywhere from $800 to $1000 on average. If this goes after the first 3 years, it is then a cost that the owner will have to bear, however normally they don’t go until after 6 or 7 years and hopefully not until after at least 10 years. Nevertheless, it is possible for them to go soon after the 3 year warranty period and therefore, this needs to be taken into consideration if one is very wary about future repair / maintenance cost.

The Need for a Tempering Valve

With the installation of a gas storage water heater in domestic locations, a tempering valve is now compulsory. What this does is take the hot water as it immediately leaves the tank, and reduces the temperature to a safe 50 degrees (as determined by the authorities). However, just like with any external valve, there can be issues with tempering valves, requiring service from time to time. Typical reasons for service may be the cleaning out of the tempering valve or the adjustment to the temperature being generated from the tempering valve. Occasionally, the whole tempering valve will need replacing, however this isn’t very common and one would have to be unlucky if this was required within the first 5 years of installation.

In contrast to the storage water heater, the continuous flow unit comes in two preset options – a 50 degree preset and a 60 degree preset. For domestic installations, when installing a 50 degree preset, there is no need to install a tempering valve. This can be an advantage because there is no need to worry about the repairs to the tempering valve.

How using AdWords data for SEO benefits you

Google Adwords Benefits

The beauty of building your business on the internet is that you can track everything you do. Not only are you going to be able to figure out where your best customers are coming from and how they are finding your site, but you’ll also be able to figure out exactly which keywords they are attracted to, which kinds of offers they are most excited about, and when/why they decide to bail on your page without buying anything. SEO doesn’t allow you to completely track keywords thanks to the <not provided> that Google implemented onto Analytics.



Quite often people will do their own keyword research for search engine optimisation, then hire an SEO from oDesk or Freelancer. This is the worst thing you can do regarding SEO. Before I continue, I covered an article regarding affordable web hosting, well the owner found the link (I don’t know how) and sent me a quick email as a thanks. I questioned him about SEO and what he though of Adwords.

“I’m a huge fan of both SEO and Adwords, but they’re bot for different things and used in different ways, depending on the purpose. When you think about how Google works for a minute, and the reason people search it generally boils down to research and looking for a service/product. Having said that, SEO is commonly used for brand control, brand and personal recognition, ranking longtail keywords with no PPC cost and ranking quality content. The keywords that are high in competition will take some time to rank, and that comes with age, so to gain instant results you’re going to need to turn to Adwords.” – Nick Cavarretta


Google AdWords (Google’s pay per click paid search engine optimisation advertising platform) is the fastest way to build your business online today. You pay pennies for each and every visitor that actually comes to your website (and nothing for people that don’t click your advertising), and you can push thousands of targeted visitors to your business in just a couple of days.

But the real reason that you want to get your AdWords management settled before you focus on traditional organic search engine optimisation is simple – you won’t waste any time on junk keywords that won’t end up converting. Having said this, if you hire a professional data analyst like Nick then you can use Adwords to discover high converting keywords and use them in SEO campaigns.

By taking advantage of Google AdWords management tools, you’ll be able to figure out which of your potential keywords are the real “moneymakers” in just a few hours. You’ll see, right there in black and white, which keywords are worth spending time on and which ones are next to useless. Then you can immediately use this information to improve your organic search engine optimisation as well.



The beauty of using Google AdWords properly is that you can take $100 or so, spread it out amongst five or six different keyword combinations, and then get real market data about those keywords almost instantly.

You aren’t guessing about what works anymore – the marketplace is telling you the right answers!

This lets you know which of the keywords resonate with your marketplace, which of them aren’t hitting any cords at all, and which ones could lead to potentially gigantic paydays if you focused your organic and long term search engine optimisation efforts on them.

While most people are trying to rank for just about any and every keyword they can come up with, you’ll have an almost unfair advantage over them with this information. You’ll know (almost right away) which keywords you should spend time and money ranking and which ones you should ignore – information that your competitors won’t have access to!

This can provide you with two big benefits:

  • By using AdWords management properly, you’ll push hundreds or even thousands of targeted visitors to your website and your business –converting some into customers in the process
  • And shortcut the amount of time, money, and energy you spend on organic search engine optimisation because you know what the winners and losers are as far as keywords are concerned

There’s no other combination of tools on the planet and that gives you this advantage!


Why quality content is important for Google


When you know how to produce quality content for your website, ranking highly in Google isn’t all that difficult – in fact, it’s almost too easy!

Yes, you heard that right. It becomes almost effortless to get high rankings in Google when you know the secrets to quality content creation!

Creating quality content (content that is actually valuable to your website visitors, content that was actually written for human beings and not search engine spiders) is the fastest way to shoot your website up the Google rankings and dominate the top few spots without wasting a boatload of money or a ridiculous chunk of time.

But you need to know what you’re doing.

Hopefully this quick guide can help you out!

It all starts with a focused content creation strategy

Your success online is going to live or die with your content creation strategies.

Most people hire low quality writers right out of the gate, someone (anyone) to just throw some words together to get something on a page. There’s no strategy behind the content that they create or the content that they publish, and no effort made to create the three building blocks of effective content:

  • Influence
  • Expert status
  • A real relationship with customers and visitors

What you want to do is sit down with your high quality writers and outline exactly what you want to achieve with your content this month. Breakdown the specific topics you want to touch upon, but also highlight the kinds of responses that you want to generate with your visitors.

From this starting point, the right quality writers can work modern miracles for you!

Once you have this kind of strategy down on a piece of paper, you’ll be able to more effectively direct your journalists or writers but you can also bring other writers into the team mid-project and expect greatness out of them because they know exactly what they are asked to do.

Google loves high quality content

While all of your content creation efforts should be focused around creating an influential presence online, and each of the pieces should be designed first and foremost to help your visitors – your human visitors – it doesn’t hurt that Google absolutely loves high quality content, either.

Remember this:

Google’s whole business (their entire existence) is all about delivering targeted results to people that use their search engine. The only thing – the ONLY thing – that Google wants to do is find the perfect content for people that are searching for something and serve it up to them immediately.

That’s how they drive their advertising revenue, and the more effective they are at providing high quality content and answers to real questions the more likely people are to use their search engine every single day.

Google has overhauled their search engine algorithm multiple times to place more emphasis on high quality writers, the content that they produce, and the authority that you can create with a specific and targeted content marketing strategy.

You’d have to be at least a little bit crazy to upload anything but the very best on your site. Not only will it be value your business, your position, and your influence in your market – but it will also cripple your search engine rankings from here on out.

Stick to high quality writers moving forward!


The Brash Staff

Regardless of business type, the overall staffing a company has can have a huge impact on profitability and market share. I’m certain that everyone reading this has encountered that one person who has transformed a great business transaction into one of displeasure and anger.

Word of mouth advertising is the most influential form of advertising available. Studies show that a completely satisfied customer/client will tell 2-3 other people of a positive experience. Studies also show that a displeased customer/client will tell 10 or more people of a negative business transaction.

A universal truth.

We all have certain expectations regarding business transactions. Some are completely unrealistic, while others are commonplace and desired throughout any transaction.

Everyone expects to be treated fairly, honestly, and with a courteous tone regardless of the product or service they are engaging. This is not too much to ask, yet many businesses fall short due to inadequate staffing and poor employee selection.

The tall poppy gets cut down.

Many employers forget the saying: “It’s what you do when no one is looking that defines the character of the individual.” This holds true in all walks of life, especially the business arena. Hiring people that are different and stand apart from others is generally considered a great idea. In actuality, this lends to more problems than progress.

Many employers feel a person that displays extreme individualistic characteristics will set their business apart from others. It may very well set them apart, but for many of the wrong reasons. In short, walking into a mining company and being assisted by a flight attendant will not bode well for your business plan.

What is proper staffing?

Your goal should be to staff your company with courteous, well educated, informative employees that have a true desire to help others. Is this hard to do? Not particularly.

An individual with strong character assessment ability should be in charge of your HR department. They can provide a business with a proper influx of highly trainable, intelligent individuals that possess strong morals and an adequate work ethic.

The company needs to provide these individuals with proper training, product education, and the ability to meet goals and promote within the company. Payment should be adequate and the employees should feel they are a part of something, rather than simply collecting a paycheck.

A happy, thought after staff will provide your business with the individualistic approach that can set it apart from others. We don’t need to change the mold. We just need to deliver the mold better than our competitors.

Ways to Promote Your Acupressure Business

Acupressure Image

Image courtesy of Wikipedia under creative commons license.

Once you have made the decision to go into business and you’re on your way to becoming a Chinese acupressure master, there will come that ugly part of the process which will involve you having to promote it. This is in many cases not that hard of a thing for a person to do, and then there is the other side of things that makes this a pain in the rear as they don’t have the first clue as to how this needs to be done. With this article, you will quickly see that the promotion of your business will not be as difficult as you may think that it is. Once you have these methods down, you will see just how easy it is to promote your business.

The first thing that you will want and need in the promotion of your business is that of a website. These days the old practice of word of mouth does not do as effectively as that of having an online presence that people can see your business at. There are a number of sites that help you to build a basic website and get you up and running in a matter of hours. If you have a site already built and just need a home to host it, then there are a number of hosts that offer very cheap hosting plans.

Making printed materials that you can distribute will be crucial in helping to get the word out about your business, very similar to how a acupressure therapist uses an acupressure chart. You will want pamphlets and brochures that both have the name of your business on them as well as all of the services and price that you offer. This helps the person to know what to expect when it comes time for them to visit your business. These can be printed along with business cards for a very affordable amount and will go miles in helping you to promote your business.

When you have the chance, set up booths at trade shows or fairs. This will help you in getting the people in your area to know you are there and help direct traffic to your business. Many times a person that sets up a booth just one time will have a twenty-five percent increase in the amount of business that they get. This may not sound like a lot, but it can have a massive impact on your business and getting your business exposure.

Having a lecture or seminar will be the last thing that you will want to try in the promotion of your business. This helps in the fact that you can educate people that may not otherwise have known exactly what it is that you do or how it even works.

As you can see there is a world of benefits that comes from you promoting your business. It is not as difficult as it may seem once you find the right combination of things to use in the promotion of your business. When you take the time to actually promote your business, you will be amazed at the amount of success that you will have.

Using E-mail Alerts to Increase Your Optimization

Did you know that e-mail alerts are an amazing SEO tool?

If you have only been using these e-mail alerts to stay up to date on the news then you are in for a big surprise. E-mail alerts are perfect for keyword research as well as building backlinks to your site.

Wait, what? You can build backlinks using e-mail Alerts?

Yes, you can and we will get to that but first lets see how you can use this tool to find the perfect keyword phrase.

E-mail Alerts and SEO Keyword Research

The quickest and simplest way to find new target keywords in your niche is to create an alert for your biggest competitors. You can have an alert that comes in whenever someone mentions their name, URL, etc.

What does this do? This will provide you with topics but it will also give you an opportunity to see what anchor text your competitors are using. This gives you a little more insight into their keyword strategy.

Creating competitor alerts also creates a nice little link building opportunity. It allows you to approach the author of that article and offer to provide them an opposing view and get your very own backlink – pretty sneaky!

Building Backlinks with Email Alerts

We started to touch on this above but using alerts is an excellent way to build backlinks to your own site.

As we mentioned, you can create alerts for your competitors and approach those authors for links.

Another easy way is to create alerts for your keywords, your company name and/or URL. If these alerts pop up but the article isn’t linking to your website, well, you know what you need to do, right? That’s right, approach the author and get that valuable link.

We should make a quick note that although Google Alerts is awesome and free, it does have some limitations for utilizing advanced SEO strategies. A tool such as Fresh Web Explorer on the other hand is perfect for using e-mail alerts to increase your SEO.

This is just a quick example of using alerts for search engine optimization. There are plenty of other ways to optimize your website. It is recommended that you talk to your friendly Sydney SEO specialist to really learn more about Google optimization.

A Photographers Nightmare

Capturing the special moments of a toddler’s life is satisfying and rewarding, however, it is definitely a challenge. As a Sydney fashion photographer, you would think that getting a photo of a 2 year old would be easy in comparison. You don’t need to be that creative or deal with high demands, right?


If you have ever been around a two year old then you know they stop for nobody. Your best chance to capture their childhood is by practicing and following these few tips.

Don’t be Afraid of the Angles

When photographing children don’t be afraid to try out different angles. Get down on the floor with them, photograph them from above or try any number of other angles to get the perfect shot.

Some of the best photos of children have a toy or cake in the foreground with the happy expression of the child in the background. Practice this angle and see if it works well for you and your child.

Be Playful

If you think you are going to be able to set your toddler up for a photo shoot, think again. Your best bet is to play with them while capturing their quirky expressions. We all know toddlers won’t stop moving so why bother trying to get them into various poses.

Let your child be natural and playful. As a result, your photos will turn out amazing.

Get Shady

As we have already determined, toddlers like to move around a lot. This typically causes problems with your lighting; however, there is a way to alleviate some of this stress.

Photograph your unpredictable children in the open shade. Basically, this is any room that has even lighting. This will help your photos dramatically as you don’t have to deal with all the various types of lighting situations.

Whether you are trying to be the next best Sydney Photographer or you are just one proud parent, following the tips above will ensure that you capture your toddler’s best moments.

Oh and one last tip: try to prepare some alone time after the photography session because you will be exhausted after this shoot.

Affordable Web Hosting

A web hosting service is designed for individuals, businesses, and organizations worldwide with the purpose of providing easy and convenient access to websites for a vast online audience. However, a crucial factor for many users of this service is not only affordability, but also the provision of visible and financial value.

When starting a business venture, you need to attract the highest possible traffic volume to your website! Therefore, during the early stages of conception, how you invest your capital is of primary importance and a critical issue. Your need for an affordable web hosting plan is a necessity, but at the same time you do not want to find yourself landed with web hosting, which although not expensive, also provides a cheap presentation and inferior service.

Your website is the same as placing yourself and your company in front of a huge audience and openly displaying who and what you are and represent. If your website presentation is cheap and ineffective, that is how you will appear to your audience and potential customers! Therefore, your cheap website could turn into an extremely costly venture for you.

By selecting a professionally designed, effective, and reliable affordable web hosting multifunctional package, you are utilizing your investment to the maximum; to attract volumes of those potential customers to your business. Whether your intention is advertising, informative or communication for a web shop, the need for effective web hosting is crucial for growth.

Web hosting basic packages

Starting with a basic package that can be upgraded is an effective way to begin creating traffic volume to your site. Basic starter packages, designed for the particular needs of your business, are a cost effective affordable website hosting and form the foundation for upgrading when justified. You want assurance that your website operating is running smoothly is protected and secured against unwanted invasion from hacking or other sources. Therefore, determine your affordable website hosting provider has the capacity to secure your internet communication and transactions on your behalf.

Building your website

Your website hosting service will give you sound advice for building it. They will professionally provide you with designs related to your particular industry and get you online to start your website earning for you. Having chosen an appropriate domain that is associated with your business, remember to instantly register it, after all, your domain is your business card online.